PAW Racing

1. Download SuperTuxKart

Game is free on Linux / Windows / macOS / Android:


2. Connect to PAW Racing game server

Start game - Online - Enter server address:


3. Register your Paw address

Register your receiving paw address by typing in game lobby chat:

/register yourpawaddress



Registering needs to be done only once and it will stay between races. If you want to change address, register again and it will then start using that new instead.

4. Have fun playing!

PAW Racing is free to play. Start racing and when you win race, PAW reward will be automatically sent to your PAW address.

5. Bonus

Change Animal Tribe in PAW wallet to: - Lion Fast


And get bigger rewards.


Reward multipliers


Delegated tribe weight

PAW reward multiplier

Standard win No Animal Tribe delegation. * 1
★︎☆︎☆︎☆︎☆︎ 0 - 100K size Tribe delegation. * 2
★︎★︎☆︎☆︎☆︎ 100K - 1M size Tribe delegation. * 4
★︎★︎★︎☆︎☆︎ 1M - 5M size Tribe delegation. * 6
★︎★︎★︎★︎☆︎ 5M - 10M size Tribe delegation. * 8
★︎★︎★︎★︎★︎ Over 10M size Tribe delegation. * 10

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